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Online Flyer FAQ

What should I know about printing flyers?

When you have to deal with specifications, printing a flyer is not different than printing other marketing material. It is however important that you know the specific purpose of the flyer. These are usually single sheet documents. A custom flyer can be individually designed, but it should portray the business in the best possible manner.


How can I make my flyer attractive?

Flyers and color copies help attract attention of potential clients to your business. This means that you should not concentrate too much on the images, graphics and fonts. Avoid colors that are dark. The color yellow is very popular for flyers and can attract the desired attention.


Canvas Printing

Canvas Printing

How can a flyer print help my business?

Yes, this is one of the most effective marketing tools if you have a preset budget, a design theme, a pertinent copy and a reliable printing company.


What is the difference between the different kinds of flyers?

There are matt flyers, short run flyers, and standard flyers. They can also have a glossy feel. You may also choose from full size finish or full bleed or opt for white orders.


Where can I upload the design after placing my order?

You can upload the design either on the page where you fill up the order details or send it over separately. You may choose from single or both side prints and upload the images.


What are the file printing requirements?

You can print in PDF, EPS, JPG and TIFF files. The maximum size is 200 MB.


What is the turnaround and what are the shipping charges?

Most services will offer a faster turnaround. Usually, orders that are placed early in the morning are delivered within the same day by certain services. The shipping costs are computed on the checkout depending on the weight and quantity of the ordered flyers.


What paper stock is available for flyers?

3 types of cards stock are available for printing – thick, light and special. Light papers are available in these qualities – 20 lb., 28 lb., and 24 lb. plain paper, 80 lb. text matte, 80 lb. text gloss, 80 lb. color matt, 100 lb. text matt and 100 lb. text gloss. Special papers are also available as indoor stickers and magnets.


What are the biggest and smallest quantities of flyers to be ordered?

This is something that you need to verify with the printers service.


What finishing options are around?

You may choose between folding, laminating and free cuts.


What are the design choices?

You may either submit your flyer design or choose for predesigned templates without a cost.


Will the orders call for full bleed or will the cutting be shipped the same day as the order is placed?

Most services will take a couple of extra days for processing your special requests like full bleed and cutting.


What is the photocopy price listing?

Various amounts are offered for different quantities so that you can save more by placing the orders in bulk amounts. The amount of discount will increase with the increase in the quantity of order placed.


What quality of prints can I expect?

The most modern companies work with the latest technology and printing equipment. Mostly ecofriendly choices are available and these printers have a positive reputation due to their print service, quality and value.


Can I order a flyer that is not the normal size?

Yes, it is possible to make clients feel free and express themselves just the way they are looking for. The same is true for all promotional materials. Custom sized jobs are also done.


How are cheap flyers available?

For renowned companies, the satisfaction of their clients is of paramount importance. Batch prints are usually cheap print solutions where several orders can be printed at the same time. The orders of all customers receive complete attention and services they deserve.


Will I get a design proof before the printing?

You may opt for a design proof if so required. It will be sent through your email in the briefest possible time.


How long does it take for the design proof to arrive?

Usually, design proofs are delivered to the client within 4 hours of placing the order.


Is the work branded?

Some of the works that are provided by the reputed printers are branded, although not all of them are. If you get in touch with the printing services, they will explain to you the products on which they provide a brand sign.


Can I order black and white flyer prints?

Yes, black and white flyers are available at highly affordable rates. Most of the copies when ordered in bulk will amount to a couple of cents per piece. Black and white prints are available at the same rates as well.


What will happen to my order if there are mistakes?

If the error took place due to a fault of the printer, the job will be revised and redone if necessary. However, if it is the fault of the customer, such as a spelling error, misguidance etc., the reprint will be completely charged.


What are CMYK and RGB?

RGB stands for red, green and blue which are the primary colors that are found in light. The primary colors in pigment are CMYK or cyan, magenta, black and yellow. If you are requesting for full color flyer printing, all of these inks will be used in the process.


What is the average price of color flyer copies?

The price of the color flyers rests on a variety of factors such as order quantities, quality of paper and color choices among others. If you order more flyers, you will be able to save more.


What are the available flyer sizes?

There are 8 types of sizes to choose from, but you can opt for custom sizes as well. Standard sizes include: 4.25 x 11, 3.66 x 8.5, 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 5.5, 11 x 17, 8.5 x 14, 12 x 24, and 12 x 18.