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EDDM retail – Executing a Direct Mail Marketing Program


Direct mail is a great way to improve the revenue of your company. It may seem like a simple process at first. You need a list of customers followed by getting a letter written or a postcard printed and then sending it through the postage. Now you simply wait for your customers to respond.

Every Door Direct Mail

However, you should realize that your customers need to be impressed if you want to get responses from them. Otherwise, you will be waiting for the response forever. There are a number of things you should consider when going for a direct mail captain such as an EDDM retail program.

There are a number of things which you have to consider while you are planning your EDDM retail marketing program.

The Goal of Your Marketing Campaign

You should have an idea about the marketing campaign you are planning to run with the EDDM retail mailing program. The goal of the marketing campaign will determine the way you need to create your mails. Your aim can be to generate leads or to increase the traffic to your website. It may also be to increase the subscriptions or memberships. There can be other objectives as well. Either way, you need to define the goal at the beginning.

The Product Being Offered

When marketing through direct mail, you need to know about your own products. More specifically you need to know about the product from the viewpoint of the customer. The copy for your marketing mails needs to describe how the customers will be benefitted when purchasing the product.

The Unique Selling Point

It is highly likely that your product is not the only one of its kind available. There will be competing business offering something similar. However, your product should have something unique to it. You can use this point to show that your product is different from others and make it your USP.

The Audience

You need to know about your audience before you can start sending mails. The success of an EDDM retail mailing program lies in delivering the right mail to the right customer. Your mails need to meet the needs and desires of your customers. If your marketing mail can satisfy either of them, it will be successful. You need to know what kind of offers or copy will impress your customers more.

Selecting the Location

In every door direct mail, you have to select the areas where you want to deliver your marketing mails. However, if you wish to get significant responses, you need to choose the proper areas to send those mails. The people who live in the chosen areas should be able to make use of the products or offers you are describing in the mails.

Research on the areas on aspects such as average income and possible needs before you start a marketing campaign. Narrow down the areas to create targeted mails for each locality.

Selection of Materials

You can send different kinds of printed materials through the EDDM retail program. Letters and postcards are two of the most common ones. You can also choose between brochures and leaflets. Postcards are often the advantageous choice. However, your section should be based on your needs. For example invitations are usually given through letters rather than postcards. Of course, the cost of the marketing project depends on this selection as well.

Testing the Strategies

Testing is something that you need to keep doing on a regular basis if you want to be really successful. You can test your mails on a small locality before you use them for a bigger one. Once you find one that works, you can use it. However, you should not stop testing. Testing will help you discover new ways to improve your mails. This in turn will improve success rates.

The Importance of Creativity

Creativity can make a noticeable difference in the success of your marketing mails. You can be creative in the way you design the mail to persuade the recipient to respond to it. The copy can also be written in a similarly creative manner. However, creativity should be backed up by a strong statement and offer.

The Response Channel

Direct Marketing

The choice of the response channel depends on two factors. First of all, the customer should find it easy to use. Secondly, you need to implement it without any problems at your end. Of course, a phone call is the easiest and most common method. You can also opt for emails, websites, or a visit to your store.

The Printing of the Mail

Impressions are important when you are trying to attract customers with your mails. In order to maximize the impressions made by your mails, they need to be printed in the proper manner. The printing agency chosen should use the latest technologies. Select an agency that has a lot of experience in the field. Moreover, always check the reviews, testimonials and samples before hiring the printing agency.

The Postage and the Mail

In EDDM retail, the cost of postage is lower than other direct mail methods. However, that does not necessarily mean that you cannot increase your savings. You can use the standard sizes for your mailing pieces to keep the costs at a minimum.

The Schedule

Any direct mail marketing campaign will take some time before you get the responses. After all, time will be required for the mails to reach the intended recipients. Even before the mailing process, you need time for the mails to get printed. If you are making a limited time offer then it will be important to stick to a schedule. Create a schedule beforehand which takes into account the different times for each stage.

Response Analysis and Its Adjustment

Once you have sent the mails, it will be time to analyze the responses. Through the analysis, you can understand what needs to be changed to improve and increase the responses. The method you chose should be based on your needs.

Direct mails are certainly great for your business. However, you need to execute the program in a manner that can be profitable for you.

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